I was very bored on my vacation in Spain, so I started reading a book on SEO. As usual, I thought the subject was interesting and inspiring, something I should know more about.

Over the years, I've read books and articles on search engines and found them intriguing. However, as a web developer, I never put my knowledge into practice and felt unsatisfied. As Confucius once said, knowledge without practice is useless.

I'm embarking on a technical SEO journey, sharing my experiments, discoveries, and mishaps, hopefully with the aid of some friends. Let's begin!.

My name is Nicholas Wieland, I'm a software engineer working mainly in Ruby (but not only) .

Am I an expert? As an engineer, yes. As an SEO specialist, absolutely not. This blog tells my adventures learning, hopefully producing interesting and useful content in the meantime.

If you want to say hello, talk to me, propose a post you'd like to write, e-mail me, you will surely get an answer as soon as possible.


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